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Burmese Rohingya Community in Australia

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Since 25 August 2017, the Myanmar military forces supported by local extreme Rakhine Buddhists and

the government, who are allegedly claiming to be fighting armed Rohingya forces, have massacred and

killed innocent Rohingyas. Countless civilians including women and children have already been either

brutally killed, raped, set alight or have had to flee.

More than 200 Rohingya villages have already been razed and more continue to be. More than 520,000

Rohingyas have been reported to flee to Bangladesh escaping the violence. Horrific accounts of rape

victims have been already collected. Thousands of children have reported that the security forces of

Myanmar have murdered their parents to leave them orphaned. Survivors detail the heinous atrocities

committed by the Myanmar military. Many more have been killed that could not be reported due to NGO

and international media blockades.

This marks the worst history for Rohingyas. UNHCR had predicted and warned of such violence. Despite

this, the world has done nothing to stop it. It is now a responsibility at the international community’s part to solve the Rohingya crisis permanently.

Our demands to the Myanmar government

Immediate end of all forms of violence waged by the Myanmar military and its subsidiaries

We demand that the Myanmar military’s use of force be limited to absolute necessity and

prioritiing ty of the civilians. Use of heavy weaponries is to be suspended immediately

and subsequently the indiscriminate attacks on innocent civilians is to be halted. Further burnings

of Rohingya villages is to be stopped immediately. No further mines to be planted near the border

regions and existing mines is to be defused. Many Rohingyas trying to flee violence have already

lost limbs and even died because of these mines.

Immediate access to be given to humanitarian NGO’s

We demand that the Myanmar government remove NGO blockades and immediately allow access

to the affected regions. Aid providers, medical teams and food providers to be given full access to

help the affected Rohingyas. UN fact finding missions be allowed to enter the affected regions in

Rakhine state.

UN Peace Keeping Forces to be allowed in Rakhine State

The Myanmar’s security forces have not only evidently failed to ensure the safety of innocent

Rohingya civilians in Rakhine state but have rather waged the atrocities on the said civilians.

Consequently, we urge the UN to demand the Myanmar government to allow the UN Peace

Keeping forces into Rakhine state to stop from further brutalities.

Desist the ‘terrorist’ rhetoric and anti-Rohingya dehumanising narratives

We demand the Myanmar government to immediately stop propagating hate speech towards the

Rohingyas by recklessly using the ‘terrorist’ rhetoric. Local media to stop fabricating anti-

Rohingya stories to provoke the local citizens who as a result incite violence towards the remaining

Rohingyas. Independent international media to be given full access in Rakhine state to report on the atrocities against Rohingyas.

Repatriation of Rohingyas from Bangladesh

Myanmar’s current proposal on the repatriation protocols are beyond preposterous. Rohingyas

have been stripped of citizenship since 1982 and have since then been gradually and systematically

rendered undocumented. We demand that the Myanmar government rebuild the razed Rohingya

villages, build medical and education facilities. Rohingyas are then to be ensured a safe passage

back to their ancestral homes and assisted with resettlement. The recent genocide has gravely

affected the Rohingyas and they are to be compensated proportionately.

Kofi Annan’s Advisory Commission to be implemented

We demand that the Myanmar government fully implement Kofi Annan’s Advisory Commission.

Rohingyas are to be officially recognised as one of the indigenous races of Myanmar. They are to

be granted citizenship and given equal citizens’ rights. Unjustified travel bans on Rohingyas are

to be removed.

Urges to the Australian government

Officially condemn Myanmar for its atrocities

We urge the Australian government to stand in solidarity with the UN and the rest of the world in

condemning Myanmar for its atrocities against Rohingyas. Countries around the world have

officially condemned Myanmar, renewed sanctions and boycotted trade agreements with them.

Australia too should take similar stances to avoid jeopardising relations with the international


Impose sanctions

We urge the Australian government to immediately end military co-operations, the same military

that has been waging violence on innocent Rohingya civilians for over four decades. We urge the

Australian government to impose targeted sanctions that would not necessarily affect the general

population but instead create enough pressure to end the brutalities waged upon the Rohingyas.

We urge the Australian government to renew sanctions until the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar is

resolved. We urge the Australian government to leverage aid and trade agreements to ensure

Rohingyas are safely resettled in Rakhine state and given equal rights as any other citizens by implementing the Kofi Annan’s Advisory Commission.

Release of Rohingyas from detention centres

We urge the Australian government to release the Rohingya refugees from detention centres and

be brought to Australia. Rohingyas are genuine refugees and a blanket boat policy will do injustice

to them. We urge the Australian government to recognise the Rohingyas that have not yet been

found to be refugees in light of the recent atrocities. We urge the Australian government to end the deportation of Rohingyas in light of the recent atrocities.

Resettlement of Rohingyas from UN camps in Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand (other


We urge the Australian government to significantly increase the quota on Rohingya refugees

resetlled in Australia. We urge the Australian government to lobby foreign governments with UN

camps to prioritise the resettlement of Rohingyas.


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